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Our Home

Our Kitchen Reno

In February 2015 we bought our home, which I like to refer to as the dollhouse. It's got adorable little dormer windows upstairs that I immediately fell in love with and I knew it was perfect for us. We bought it for a really good…

YUM! Black Bean Quesadilla Recipe

Anyone else a massive Mexican food fan? My husband and I love our tacos, fajitas, nachos... you name it! This year, I have decided to really take my health seriously. Since having a baby last year September, I am on a mission to commit to…

Enjoy YOUR happy hour… or two!

Lately I've been having this epiphany about me-time... I don't know if it has anything to do with the fact that I now have two children, or that I've been dealing with PPD (read about that here) but I really have rediscovered how much I…