Author: mikayla


My Breastfeeding Journey

When we found out we'd be expecting our third baby (read about that here), I started to imagine what life would be like with him in our lives. We knew that financially things would be tight, adding a new babe to the brood, but God…

Ezra’s Nursery Space

I was hoping to have this post ready before baby arrived, but the days just ran away with me, but it's finally done. Since our house has only 2 bedrooms upstairs and one bedroom downstairs (which is now our guest bed and my office space)…

Best Netflix shows for kids

Hey lovelies, We've all heard the statement, "Netflix and chill" and this mama needs it! Most days, when Hannah gets home from school, the chaos of dinnertime, bathtime & bedtime is about to unfold and I honestly just need her to entertain herself for a…