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chocolate coconut clusters

Anyone else struggling to reign in their sweet tooth and/or cater to their child's constant requests for snacks?! (I hope it's not just me) I've been wanting to make something like this for a while, so I ordered some coconut sugar from faithful to nature…
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Making an impact with Versatiles

Thank you to for sponsoring the frames. You can check out the full makeover below, on YouTube... but I thought I'd explain a bit of my thought process for The inspiration I watch a lot of YouTube home decor/reno videos, and a lot…

Bringing home baby #3 {raw post}

DAY ONE.I wanted to get these thoughts and feelings down in a post as soon as possible. It was just yesterday, I returned from hospital with our perfect baby boy, Ezra. His sisters (Hannah - 4.5 years and Eden - 18 months) are at school,…