Lollipop baby camera – Review

We have a reason to celebrate – ALL 3 OF OUR KIDS ARE FINALLY SLEEPING THROUGH! It’s been a few months now of him sleeping through and we’re so grateful!

Sleep is so important, for them and for us… but, Ezra has always been a loud sleeper and there’ve been many times we’ve gone into his room thinking he’s awake and actually he’s just soothing himself back to sleep. He does what we call his “sleepy song” because he literally hums himself to sleep.

I’ve always loved the idea of a video monitor, but we were given a conventional baby monitor when our first daughter was born, so we never truly looked into a video option. Our old monitor stopped working a few weeks ago and the Lollipop baby camera arrived just in time to take for a spin.

It comes in such beautiful colours and we chose the blue… it’s perfect!

Unboxing & Installation

I filmed a video of the unboxing and installation {below}, you can watch it for the whole process. It was super easy to set up and we had no issues. I love the packaging and each piece of the hardware is amazing.

Design & function

I love it when products are not only practical and useful but also look good. I think the Lollipop camera gets 10/10 for this. It’s adorable and really will fit into any baby room. I love that it has the “twig” wall bracket which is really minimal and looks great, too! The other benefit for me is that you’re not carrying around a monitor receiver, it’s on your phone, so it’s always with you – one less thing to carry with you!

App & functionality

The app really caters for everything… from white noise & music to a microphone function, so you can speak to your baby via the lollipop to other amazing features. There’s cross detection, which allows you to mark out the edges of the cot and it alerts you if the perimeter is crossed as well as cry detection which alerts you if your baby is crying over a certain decibel (which you can customise, as you like). The app is seamless and easy to use and I really have enjoyed using it. It also has background enabled play, so at night I can leave the app on even if I’m using other apps, so I can hear any cries. I love being able to check on him when he’s sound asleep, so I can adore my babe without the risk of waking him. #creepingmom 😉

If you have multiple lollipops you can also link up to 4 on the app at once.

Here I can see he’s playing with his blanket over his head.
sound asleep

Video quality & capability

I’ve been super impressed with the video. It’s very clear and it also performs really well at night. I really love that I can zoom in and out and move the view around on my phone, so I can check if his dummy is in, etc. that’s how good the quality is.

Any cons?

The camera does work over wi-fi, so I haven’t explored how it will function if the wifi is down, or if there’s no power, although conventional monitors work via power, too. It doesn’t show the temperature of the room, but for us, that isn’t a deal-breaker.

I hope this review is helpful to those interested in the Lollipop baby monitor. You can buy yours here from Malone living.

We’re absolutely loving our Lollipop and I’d highly recommend it to all parents, parents-to-be, especially if you plan on having a few children. The lollipop can be used for years to come, even as our kids grow up. Totally worth it, in my opinion.

Thanks for reading!

Love, Mix

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