Morning routine – why I firmly believe in waking up at 5am

The irony of this post is that I’m sitting here at 11.30pm starting to write this post. Right now, it’s definitely just for me, to motivate me to get back into my good habits again.

For a while, a couple of weeks ago, I was waking up at 5am most mornings to do my devotional and quiet time reading the bible and this amazing book, and getting my exercise in.

Our kids generally wake up anywhere between 6am-7am. My son wakes first and the sisters follow suit, even though they’re supposed to stay in bed till at least 6:45. Oh well. I find that if I wake when he does, my whole day starts off on the back foot. I haven’t had a chance to reset my focus for the day. I like to think of it as self-care and soul care for each day.

I like to think of it as self-care and soul care for each day

I get up out of bed and quietly make my way through to the lounge with my workout clothes, water, and my books. I start off by doing my reading, prayer, journaling, and setting my mind on God. I cannot emphasize the amount of peace, comfort and courage this gives me to face the day. It changes my entire perspective.

From there, I start working out, I usually use the Nike training app, which is super easy to use and caters for so many different fitness levels, equipment and what style of workout you’re into. I may need to change my process and start with my exercise and then my devotion, but once I commit to getting back into this routine, I’m going to see what works best.

Tips for waking up at 5am

  1. go to bed early – clearly this is one that I am not getting right at all, right now. I’ve been struggling to get to bed early, I think partly because I enjoy the evenings to do work or do my own stuff… it’s quiet, there are no distractions (aka children), but I think it also has to do with me not exercising as regularly and as intensely as I was. I think I have a lot of pent up energy when I get into bed and I end up spending time scrolling social media or watching YouTube, which also isn’t a great habit to be falling into. Ideally, I’d like to be in bed by 9.30pm and asleep by 10 or 10.30.
  2. exercise – I can’t believe the difference this makes to my days. Not only do I feel GREAT, it really starts my day off so well, but I also know that I’m being active and that is super important right now while we’re all confined to our homes. I haven’t always had a great relationship with exercise, but I’ve started taking the approach of not thinking too much about it – do what feels good, do what I feel like doing and don’t worry about how long the activity is, how high my heart rate is, how many calories I’ve burned, etc. I’m simply focusing on building a healthy habit into my life and then I can take it from there.
  3. prep the night before – I like to take my workout clothes out when I get ready for bed. I put them outside my bedroom door, so once I leave the room my husband can sleep a bit longer without being disturbed.
  4. have a rest day – one day in the week where you sleep in, no exercise, unless it’s a walk or something laid back, give your body a break.
  5. remember why you do it – keep reminding yourself how good it feels, it will get easier. I can’t explain the peaceful mornings I’ve had snuggled in a chair reading an amazing book. Moms, especially, this is your time to do something for yourself.
  6. be gracious to yourself in different seasons – if you’ve got work deadlines, or are studying at night, or you’re a new mom – give yourself grace. Don’t implement this unless you actually really can do it for a positive impact on your life

Obviously, if you’re a mom of a newborn or you already get less than 6 hours of sleep, this post is definitely not aimed at you… Please get that sleep. Anything less than 6 hours is not good for you (if you are able to control it)

I’m making it my mission for the remainder of this week to really try my best to work towards 5am again. So, here’s my plan.

Wednesday morning I will wake up at 6am.
Wednesday night I will be in bed by 10pm, asleep by 10.30pm-11pm
Thursday morning I will wake up at 5.30am
Thursday night I will be in bed by 9.30am, asleep by 10pm-10.30pm
Friday morning I will wake up at 5am

I think I’m going to keep Sunday as my rest day, I really do believe it’s super important to take a day off to rest and just take it easy. Obviously if there’s a bad night with the kids, then we revert to letting our bodies wake naturally.

Anyway, this is something that I am really convinced of and I know you might think you’re not a morning person, but maybe give it a try… It’s really changed those days that I’ve followed through with it and I can’t wait to get back into it.

Love, Mix

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