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Making an impact with Versatiles

Thank you to Versatiles.co.za for sponsoring the frames.

You can check out the full makeover below, on YouTube… but I thought I’d explain a bit of my thought process for

The inspiration

I watch a lot of YouTube home decor/reno videos, and a lot of international creators, like Alexandra Gater – she referenced a brand called Mixtiles and I love the product (they ship internationally). When we moved into our new place, the entrance was screaming for some interest and the blank wall needed to go. So, I wondered if I should order some Mixtiles, but on my hunt to find a local equivalent I came across Versatiles and I was SO excited.

About the Versatiles frames

The frames are 20x20cm, you can order in sets of 3, 6, 9 or as a single. The prints have a special matte coating, which means that they don’t need glass or any covering, which makes them really lightweight (225 grams!) and easy to hang up. The print is vacuum mounted onto an MDF backing, so it’s flat and absolutely seamless!

The ordering process

They have some great frame options in both black and white. I went for the 9 classic white frames with a white border. I love the look of these! So, once I chose my frames, I was able to upload my images, perfect the cropping, placements, etc. and it was a fun and easy process. I love that it’s all digital, so easy to do and really takes the thinking out of finding frames and printing photos – which can be quite overwhelming. Plus they usually deliver in 5 days, which is amazing. Perfect as a gift, or for starting your very own gallery wall.

The result

So, in the end, I LOVE how the wall turned out – you can watch the YouTube video for a bit more of the decor process, but Versatiles absolutely brought that vision to life. I love that it’s a little snapshot into our family as you walk through the door and everyone has said how much they love seeing some of our family pics displayed as they arrive.

Go check out Versatiles and place your order… I highly recommend it!
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