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A bathroom makeover – with PLANTS!

Lifestyle Home Garden kindly partnered with us to transform our bathroom. Thank you so much for all the amazing products & plants!

So, for the past few months, we’ve been planning to update our bathroom and since then our plans have had to be scaled back a bit since we are moving in a month’s time. EEK!

So, we decided to use plants to make create a “wow” factor in our plain jane bathroom. We did spend a bit of cash updating the taps and fixing a few odds and ends for the sale of our home, but honestly, with plants alone, you could reinvent your bathroom. It’s the perfect way to inject some life and personality into your space. I wish we’d done this sooner, but the benefit is that we can take everything with us and set it up in our new house, which is great! The plants will also grow and transform over time, which is very exciting!

Here’s a before of our bathroom – as I said, PLAIN JANE!

You’ll notice in the “after” photos that we painted the toilet pipes a fresh clean white so that they blend in seamlessly. This has bothered me for YEARS and it was literally a 5-minute fix. We also switched out the bath mixer and our showerhead for a rain showerhead. Easy, inexpensive updates.

Becoming a plantie…

I’ve developed a massive love for plants over the years – I used to be too scared to spend money on them for fear of killing them with my not-so-green-thumb… but over time, things changed… I found that taking the leap and starting small helped me to develop confidence and if you give it a go, you’ll ultimately end up with a fast-growing plant family before you know it. Start off with something low maintenance like a philodendron, or a snake plant – you can’t go wrong with those.

Here is the Pinterest inspo for the makeover.

Pinterest inspo – I love the natural vibe and our bathroom has a similar layout, so I felt this was quite achievable. In future I’d love to incorporate some more natural elements with a wooden side table and wooden towel hook, too.

The end result…

We decided to put up just one shelf and save the other for our move.
a glimpse of the greenery as you enter the bathroom
The amazing prayer plant that brings me so much joy every time I’m in here
I repurposed a gorgeous, modern magazine rack as a toilet roll holder. It holds 6 rolls at a time and fits perfectly next to the loo.
Spot the terracotta elephant that I’ve used for our daughters’ toothbrushes
Spot the terracotta elephant that I’ve used for our daughters’ toothbrushes
That candle smells incredible and I love the lightbox which I can change up. It’s also the perfect amount of light to have an ambient bath, without having to light up your candles.
One of my favourites – the Rubber plant
String of beads
I absolutely love this hanging planter… and as the philodendron grows, it’ll trail down even more… I can’ wait!
I popped my pink pot there for this photo, but since we have kids – it won’t stay… haha!

That’s it! A simple, easy update with a few plants. It’ll make your space come to life and now I feel even more relaxed, as I lay in the bath at night. It’s also a great opportunity to teach my children about the different plants and caring for them, which is a great skill to pass on to them.

Feeling daunted?

Why not pop in at Lifestyle if you’re in the Johannesburg area, they are super helpful. It’s also a good idea to do some research on which plants are good to start off with and how to care for them, etc. There’s tons of information on the Lifestyle blog which can be a great help, once you’re in the store. There’s a huge selection to choose from, I just love browsing their aisles. If this has inspired you – go get some plant babies and spruce up your space with some greenery.

The post above will also help guide you on the ideal plants to buy to bring your bathroom to life. All the plants are perfectly suited to the high humidity in a bathroom and are easy to care for too, WIN!

Lifestyle home garden was kind enough to sponsor some amazing plants and products to bring the vision to life. The items included the following: 2 x pine floating shelves, a lightbox, a candle, a terracotta elephant planter, a magazine rack, a rubber plant in a terracotta pot, a fern in a decorative pot, a prayer plant in a beautiful basket with legs, a philodendron in a hanging planter, a string of beads in a pot, with a macrame planter, a kokedama (delicious monster in a moss ball)

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