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A modern pink-glam bedroom makeover

So, if you’ve followed me for a while, or know me in real-life… You’ll know my obsession with home decor, interiors and all things home-centered. From a young age, I watched Grand Designs and the Home channel was my jam growing up {who needs cartoons, anyway?!}

Anyway, fast-forward 20 years and I’m still equally as enthralled by it all. I’ve often questioned my choice to study graphic design (although I love it dearly), I guess interior design was a close runner up.

A question I got asked a lot with this project is, “who is Jade?”

I met Jade a few years ago through the church. Now, she’s a young woman who travels all over the world working on a yacht. She contacted me a few weeks ago asking if I’d be interested in helping her makeover her space before she came home for her annual leave. The room was still decorated from when she lived at home as a teenager, so it definitely needed to reflect who she is now. Her brief to me was: pink, rose gold & tan/wood with a modern feel.

I wanted to bring in the pink on the walls, but I didn’t want to paint just one wall with the pink feature colour, so that if she ever decides to rearrange her room, then the bed wouldn’t be against the feature wall, so we came up with the plan to do a half white, half pink wall and I think it was a great way to make it not too child-like, so it has a modern, trendy feel.

After a few chats and some Pinterest inspo pics between us over Whatsapp (she was in France at the time) here’s the mood board that I sent to her…

I wanted to add in plants and touches of black, white & gold. I felt like in this case it was ok to mix gold and rose gold, because the pink acts as a bridge for the rose gold and yellow gold, bringing the 2 metals closer together, so they don’t clash. The yellow gold also tones down the pink.

The black and white elements add in a modern feel and tone down the all-pink-everywhere vibe, which would make it feel a bit too young.

I’m getting ahead of myself… Here are the BEFORE images…

I had a team of builders do the work to get the room ready – they ripped up the old carpets, painted, removed the old ceiling fan and replaced it with a new light fixture and finished the room off with crisp, white skirting boards.

We opted for white bedding and curtains to keep the room fresh and airy since it’s not the brightest room. We also made simple changes like keeping the shelf that was in her room originally, instead of buying a desk, since she only needs it to store some goodies while she visits and she’ll do her makeup standing at the mirror. She also requested a chair to sit and read or hang out in.

Overall, the room came together so beautifully… The artwork is all DIY and a few items (vases & frames) were thrifted. Here is a list of all the products that I used.

Chair: https://www.mrphome.com/en_za/lisbon-chair-8101012888

Side tables (I still need to order these once they’re back in stock) https://decofurnsa.co.za/product/icarus-set-of-2-tables

Cushion: https://www.mrphome.com/en_za/feather-filled-texture-scatter-cushion-1301136664

Curtains: https://www.mrphome.com/en_za/2-pack-microfibre-taped-curtain-150x218cm-6201112885

Pendant Light: https://www.mrphome.com/en_za/search/?q=Wire+Diamond+Hanging+Pendant

Throw Blanket: https://www.mrphome.com/en_za/cotton-herringbone-waffle-throw-150x200cm-1503012338

Trinket tray: https://superbalist.com/apartment/home-decor/decor-accessories/novelty-trinket-tray-white-black-polka/519943

Hanging Planter: https://superbalist.com/apartment/outdoor/decor/georgia-hanging-planter-gold-black/487487

Duvet Cover: https://superbalist.com/apartment/bed-bath/bedding/polycotton-duvet-cover-set-white/133219?_gl=1%2anv9etr%2a_gcl_aw%2aR0NMLjE1Njk0OTMyMTguQ2owS0NRand3N0hzQlJEa0FSSXNBQVJzSVQ2NEs5NjB1UHZLVkV6UHJaQ0FFWFoxYnB3QVVaTTNJbURHc0gxQnF2Qk5vNW54elI0dGIxWWFBdW1fRUFMd193Y0I.&_gac=1.83809636.1569493218.Cj0KCQjww7HsBRDkARIsAARsIT64K960uPvKVEzPrZCAEXZ1bpwAUZM3ImDGsH1BqvBNo5nxzR4tb1YaAum_EALw_wcB

After… what a difference.

Thanks so much for following along on this exciting adventure! You can check out the Youtube video down below:

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