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If you’re a parent or a parent-to-be, then this post is for you. I know that when you’re expecting, or already have a little bub, you already have your hands full! So, whether you’re interested in cloth nappies, or not, or maybe just slightly curious – keep reading on, because using cloth nappies just got a whole lot easier, thanks to Busy Bottoms Cloth Nappy Service.

Cloth nappies for the most part can seem overwhelming when you first start thinking about them or if you see others using them, BUT… using cloth isn’t as daunting, or as difficult as it may seem. With Busy Bottoms, it’s made even more convenient and simple!

Jenna, the owner of Busy Bottoms is an incredible woman, mom to twins, with an incredible passion for excellent service. She started this service after seeing people’s reactions to cloth in general – some were put off, others were skeptical, so she created the perfect solution to deal with the main issue holding people back – the laundry.

We were really fortunate to test out the service for two weeks and I was honestly blown away.
“The Nappy Solution” (R450 per week) is the package that we tried and it literally caters for everything! On day 1, we received a bucket full of clean nappies (±40), ready to be used, along with a roll of bamboo liners, bum cream and Pure Beginnings biodegradable wipes. There is a variety of nappies, from All-in-ones (OSFM – One Size Fits Most) to pockets, to night nappies, etc. All we had to do was pop the used dirty nappies into the wet bag in the sealed bucket (NO smells!) and after a few days, they were collected and a fresh batch of nappies were dropped off. This cycle repeats twice a week, so you constantly have fresh nappies, with no hassle of dealing with any of the washing.

The amazing thing about this concept is that there are a few options – if you don’t need all the bells and whistles, just the nappies and the laundry service, you can try the “Nappy Service” (R280 per week) or if you have your own cloth nappies, but don’t want to fuss with the dirty work, you can get “Take a load off” R200 per week. You can read more about the options here

These options are great, for example, our daughter, Eden who is almost 2, is currently using our cloth nappy stash (We only have about 20 nappies) and Ezra (4 months) is also using them now, so we’re caught between splitting our small nappy stash between the two of them. So, this service is actually perfect for us to use, until Eden is out of the nappies and we can dedicate the whole stash to Ezra.

It’s also great if you’re interested in the cloth nappy concept, but don’t want to buy everything before you’ve tried out the various options out there. You’re able to sign up for a minimum of 4 weeks and test out the service to see if cloth is for you.

Jenna will also help you and give you a bit of a walk through on how to fit the nappies, how to avoid leaks, etc. She is so helpful and was just a call away if we needed anything.

The washing process – this is a quote directly from the member’s manual: “We wash the nappies ourselves to ensure that the process is baby, earth, and cloth nappy friendly! First, the nappies are counted and sorted. Then they are put through a rinse cycle, then a long wash, and another rinse. Your stash of nappies are never washed with anyone else’s. If you cancel your membership, we strip and disinfect the nappies.”

Is it ok to use nappies that have been used by another child before mine?

This was the main question I had initially, since it’s something that would concern me, but extra care is taken to clean the nappies properly between clients, to ensure that the nappies are sanitary for the next use. They are even tested in a lab to make sure that they are 100% clean to the highest standard.

If you have any questions, you can check out the FAQ’s too, or give them a call, to chat through your needs. Busy Bottoms will be more than willing to help get you started on this amazing new chapter.

If you’re interested in trying out this service and you’re in the Johannesburg & Pretoria area, get in touch with Busy Bottoms here and find out more, or sign up. You honestly will not regret it. This is definitely a service that I would highly recommend. The convenience of disposable nappies, but with the environmental benefit that comes with cloth, so it’s a complete WIN!

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I love this line from the member’s manual,

“Thank you for joining the movement to build a better world from the bottom up!”

Busy Bottoms Member’s Manual

This post is a paid ad, all opinions are honest and based on my own experience.

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