Our Bottle Feeding Journey – feat. Tommee Tippee

If you’re familiar with the journey we’re on, you’ll know that breastfeeding hasn’t been easy for me this time around (read more here). Let’s be honest, bottle feeding is a mission! There’s a lot of cleaning & prep that comes with it, not to mention the middle of the night wake ups with a hungry baby and a kettle that just won’t boil fast enough. Ever since his stint in the NICU (Ezra was so spoiled) he will only drink a bottle that is the perfect temperature. So, I reached out to Tommee Tippee and they were kind enough to send us their food & bottle warmer to try out, as well as their perfect prep machine.

Unfortunately, breastfeeding didn’t work out and yes, it definitely makes me sad. I really wanted to make it til a year, with Ezra… my last hoorah, I guess. It really was something that I struggled with, emotionally. I didn’t want it to be the end… but to go from feeding my son and having that experience, to being hooked up to a machine instead, just wasn’t for me. So, recently when we went on holiday, I decided that was that. I left the pump behind and called it quits. I immediately felt FREE. I am so at peace with that decision, right now. I know I made the right call.

There are tons of breastfeeding blogs out there, about what you need to make your life easier as a breastfeeding mom, so I thought I would do a post for those parents who are bottle feeding, or who would like to pursue it. A baby will be bottle fed for up to a year, or more, so these items are really worth investing in, for your own sanity & convenience.

We’ve been using the Tommee Tippee products for a few weeks now and I am seriously impressed. Not only have these items made our bottle feeding journey so much easier, they’ve fitted into our lives and our kitchen seamlessly – we’ve even taken the bottle warmer with us on our travels… #notjoking

A bottle warmer is one of those items I thought “come on, you definitely don’t need that”... but, after having 3 babies I’ve realised that if something can make your life easier and keep your baby happy, then go for it!

The bottle warmer is super easy to use, you plug it in, fill it with a bit of cold water and pop your bottle in, switch it on and in no time you’ve got a warm bottle. It’s amazing, especially for a fussy baby who won’t drink the last bit of the bottle if it’s gone cold! *insert eye rolling*

It’s also compact enough to pack in your suitcase if you’re going on holiday. I like the simple design too – clean white and grey, so they’re not an eyesore in your kitchen. The cord also wraps up into the bottom, so you can keep the cord neatly tucked underneath, if it’s close to a plug point. I think they are well worth the cost, they retail for around R700. I’m also excited to use it once Ezra starts solids, so we can warm up tubs of baby food too!

The perfect prep machine is something I’d never heard of before, but Tommee Tippee gifted it to us and I can say that it takes ALL the hassle out of prepping bottles. It retails for around R2600, which is a fair cost, but it’s taken all of the guess work out of bottle prep – no more squatting to eye level to make sure you’ve got the right amount, no more over heating the water to then have to wait for it to cool down again. It basically filters the water, dispenses the perfect amount (based on your selection on the dial) and at the perfect temperature too! It’s kinda like a nespresso machine for baby’s bottles. The only thing it doesn’t do is whip me up a really strong coffee.

Tommee Tippee also have some other amazing products like this electric steriliser, these milk powder dispensers and this travel bottle & food warmer – Everything you need to make your bottle feeding experience as easy a possible.

Lastly, I want to say – moms… you’re doing a great job! Going from breastfeeding to bottle feeding isn’t an easy decision to make. Especially if it’s not one you wanted to make, but didn’t have a choice… I know how hard that can be. Even if bottle feeding was your own choice and breastfeeding wasn’t for you, there can still sometimes be guilt attached, but honestly I can say – letting go of my expectations and moving Ezra onto the bottle has been freeing in many ways. The convenience, the ease and seeing him thrive has been amazing! Plus, being able to share the load with my husband has been such a relief!

YES – bottle feeding is best, if it’s right for you & your baby.

Love, Mix

Thank you to Tommee Tippee for sponsoring these items.

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