Love to dream – sleep’s best friend

I’m sure you’re familiar with the Love to dream SwaddleUp, but before I even begin telling you about our experience, I have to tell you to go here and add one to your cart. Spoiler alert – YOU NEED THIS.

There are many things throughout motherhood that I’ve thought were simply gimmicky, unnecessary items. I thought that about the Love to dream initially, but the more I saw moms raving about it, the more I realised, it must actually make a difference in their lives.

And it REALLY does. There have been nights when it’s been in the laundry, due for a wash and I take it out, simply because he sleeps so much better in it. I almost considered buying a second one to avoid this problem! I think in the first few weeks it’s most effective, helping baby sleep through the startle reflex (cue baby jazz hands), but it also became an instant sleep association for Ezra – when he’s due for a nap / bedtime, once he’s in it, he immediately chills out and can basically put himself to sleep (most of the time).

There is research to back it up, too…

The Love To Dream Swaddle Up has been designed to address some of the comfort aspects of traditional swaddling. In traditional swaddling, babies arms are restricted and swaddled down or with their arms across their chests. The Swaddle UP™ has been designed to allow a more natural “arms UP” position allowing baby to still self soothe, with the greatest range of arm movement for babies while, most importantly, still performing the core job of swaddling – to help prevent the startle reflex and make babies feel secure after being snug in the womb for 9 months.

You can watch this video too, if you’re not convinced.

This item was sponsored, but I would 100% buy it. I now know how well it works and I would consider this a great baby shower gift for expecting parents. I’ll also definitely be buying the next size up, since Ezra is almost growing out of his.

If you’re interested in the Love to Dream SwaddleUp, you can buy yours here.

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