What’s in my hospital bag {third time mom}

what did I do with baby #1 & #2?

With my first baby, I did the standard – I over-packed! I had so many different outfits for baby and I had so much clothing for me. Little did I realise that I didn’t need it all AND the maternity ward is kept pretty warm too!

With my second, I packed smarter, I packed only a few easy baby outfits (mostly onesies) and the necessities… For myself, I packed some comfy maternity pants from Cherry Melon maternity (they are SO comfortable) and I basically lived in my nursing tanks, my gown and that was it. It was so easy to breastfeed and I felt really comfortable, plus I could cover up easily if there were guests popping in.

Another thing that I did, which really helped me feel so relaxed: I didn’t shower. Now, I know that sounds disgusting… but hear me out – after a C-section, climbing into a bath with an overhead shower, washing and drying myself and getting dressed again was basically like running a marathon, tiring and painful! So, the second time around, I opted to use some baby wipes and a warm face cloth to freshen up. Standing at the basin, having a quick wash and being done with it – what a game changer. I also didn’t really bother with make up or anything like that – honestly… WHY?! I preferred to have a nice, proper shower once I was home and wash my hair etc. That was a game changer and I will be doing the same this time.

what do I really need?

I’ve asked this question many times…

There are so many posts out there about hospital bags and what you’ll need for your stay. My list of what to pack is mostly relevant to c-section moms, as I’ve had 2 (soon to be 3) of them and since I’ve been round the block a few times, I’ve learnt to whittle down my bag to next to nothing.

I basically make sure I have the bare essentials, so that everything is easy to find and you’ll be comfortable, but also equip my husband with some backups, in the event that I need anything else.

I like to pack everything into a small hand luggage type suitcase, so that it’s compact and I can help pull it to & from the hospital or when needed.

I also like to mostly completely unpack my suitcase into the drawers in my room (one for baby, one for me) so that it’s easy for the nurses and my husband etc. to find what they need, especially if I am bed bound.

a backup bag – leave it at home or in the car

Set aside a back up bag with extra clothes, pads etc. rather than packing too much, leave this at home or in your car and your husband can bring it for you, if you need it. 

what I will do differently this time…

@MissKyreeLoves on insta has the most amazing feed, she also shared this amazing tip, which I am definitely going to try – she sorts baby’s outfits into clear zip bags, with a nappy in each bag too, for convenience! Plus, you can just put the dirty outfit into the empty bag and send it home with dad for the laundry. It also helps, because if someone wants to help with a change, it’s all super easy to find.

I am going to try and get a birth announcement pic, so I have packed my letterboard and I’ll hopefully take a nice photo of us all together – with both other babies and make more of an effort, to capture those moments. Probably wishful thinking, but hey! 

Overall, I just want to make the most of that time in the hospital, soaking up those fresh moments with baby, before returning home to the chaos that is a household with 2 older children. Thankfully we live 10 minutes from the hospital too, so it’s convenient if we’ve forgotten anything. 

I hope this post is helpful and shows exactly how much (or how little) you actually need.

love, Mix

the complete hospital checklist for c-section moms

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