Second & third trimester – Pregnancy Update

As I sit in my bed, writing this post and trying to recall the past few weeks and back into my second trimester – I realise I can barely even remember much of this pregnancy. haha. Third child!

Honestly, this one has been so different, in the sense that it’s been easier, so easy in fact, that I have just been focusing mostly on day-to-day life, the girls and just life changes in general.

The second trimester was very uneventful. I didn’t have any symptoms or cravings, or any weird aches or pains. My body has definitely grown quicker this time around, but I also think the fact that Eden was just 10 months old when I fell pregnant again, has played a huge part. I have craved sushi, but I do usually want it ALL THE TIME, anyway… so that’s pretty normal. (Yes, I’m a rebellious mom who eats sushi while she’s pregnant – shock horror!)

Overall, with Eden being so young and still being quite reliant on us, I have just been trying to appreciate every moment with her, while I still can. Hannah and I had 3 years together, before I had to “share” myself with her & Eden, so this time with Eden feels really precious. I can’t believe she’ll just be 18 months old when baby is born, which is terrifying me… but it’s also going to be a completely new experience which we’ll have to just take in our stride.

Before Eden was born, I was so worried about Hannah would react to no longer being the only child, but she handled the change like the happy, easy-going child that she is. She literally never had an issue with it… but Eden is a different child, a completely different personality and she’s a lot younger, so it’s definitely more of a concern this time around. Although, I am trying not to “wonder” too much – we’ll cross that bridge when we get there and there’s no point worrying about it now. She has no clue that there is a baby in my tummy, I’ve tried to explain / show her, but she just ends up poking my very strange looking belly button and the concept goes completely over her head. haha!

With the start of the 3rd trimester came my all-time-favourite* (*absolute sarcasm), RIB PAIN!
If you’ve experienced this, you’ll know the intense pain that happens when your ribs literally stretch to accommodate your expanding womb. It’s definitely made worse my clothing & bras that are too tight and are wired… so my tips would be – ditch the wires, go for stretchy, non-wired bras. Lie on the side that is painful, I don’t understand how this works, but it has for me. Also, when we were on holiday I spent 75% of my day in an anti-gravity sun chair that my MIL got from Game and it was a complete life saver. For the last 2 weeks though it hasn’t been bad, since baby boy has dropped and is head down, so that’s a win.

There are little pregnancy things that happen, like swollen feet if I sit/stand for too long, snoring (sorry, husband!) and some other things which I won’t go into detail about… Pregnancy is magical… *rolls eyes*

I am grateful that this has been a healthy, easy pregnancy and while there are just 6 weeks left, I can’t help but feel slightly anxious – not about birth, not about the baby, but just about enjoying these last few weeks, as we are now. I have work, a family and a life that I am so grateful for and I honestly just want to soak it all up, before our lives are turned upside down (in the best way), again.

We’ve booked our hospital date, I will be having a c-section again. It’s exciting to know when his birthday will be and I can relax and hope that he stays cooking til then. We’ve also decided that while I’m under & in the operating room, I’ll undergo a procedure to avoid any future surprise babies… There are a few options which we still need to discuss with our doctor and make the call, but it’s totally worth it, since it’ll take an extra minute or so.

It’s weird to think that this is the last time I will experience pregnancy, while I’m grateful for that, it’s the end of a chapter… but this year I’ll be 30 with 3 kids… so I think I’ve done alright!

It really is the final countdown now… I can’t wait to meet this little dude.
I’ll keep you posted as the weeks fly by, but if not – see you on the other side.

Love, Mix


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