Best Netflix shows for kids

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We’ve all heard the statement, “Netflix and chill” and this mama needs it! Most days, when Hannah gets home from school, the chaos of dinnertime, bathtime & bedtime is about to unfold and I honestly just need her to entertain herself for a little bit. Ideally, this would involve playing outside, reading, anything! BUT… often, once she’s home from school though, she’s honestly done – enough playing, enough talking, she’s finished.

Now, moms and dads, I also had these idealistic plans to never ever expose my child to television, until she would one day ask, “what is that black box for?”, but let’s get real… it’s a parenting lifesaver at times. Netflix has some amazing kiddies shows that Hannah loves and Eden seems to enjoy too (second child has a lot more TV exposure than the first, it’s unavoidable) I have very strong likes and dislikes though… I can’t tolerate shows that are very loud and dramatic, personally because they don’t just blend into the background while I’m also trying to get supper done, deal with Eden and all that jazz. I really prefer the British kids show, over the American ones, for this reason. Hannah loves shows that have interesting animation and less of a 3D type style. She also loves anything that has singing and dancing.

Here is a list of some of her favourites (and ones that I approve of)

  1. Word Party – educational and very cute.Image result for word party
  2. Wanda & the Alien – this is my personal favourite. I love the animation and Wanda & Alien have amazing adventuresImage result for wanda and the alien
  3. The Wiggles – as much as I hate to say this – the wiggles are amazing. Educational, fun, energetic and so many great songs, (parents be warned, they’re super catchy!)
    Image result for the wiggles
  4. Also, Dial E for Emma (also the wiggles characters, but Emma teaches ballet and different dancing styles)Image result for dial e for emma
  5. Daniel Tiger – I must state that Daniel Tiger is a bit of a whiny pansy at times, but overall, good life lessons, how to deal with emotions/problems etc. His little catchy rhymes and songs have helped us many times when dealing with various meltdowns from Hannah. He experiences welcoming a new sibling and Hannah watched this before Eden was born and she was SO excited to meet her baby.Image result for daniel tiger
  6. Pocoyo – this show is a bit random, but it’s minimalist, with pops of bright colours, it’s narrated, so there isn’t tons of voices and characters talking all at once.Image result for pocoyo
  7. Treehouse Detectives – this is one of Hannah’s new favourites. The animal characters solve a mystery each episode – it’s fun, creative and once again, a calm children’s show.Image result for treehouse detectives

These are just a few of our favourites that Hannah has watched over the years.

Netflix is such a great service and I love how once your child has watched a few episodes, it asks if they’re still watching, so Hannah knows when that notice pops up, her TV time is over.
Although, I do think Netflix should introduce a system where a parent could select how many episodes their child can watch and then it would stop, or a duration, I think that would be a great functionality.

I hope this was helpful to some parents out there.
@Netflix, thanks for being a lifesaver when our kids just need to zone out after a busy day.

Love, Mix

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