All about my First Trimester / The Third time round

Hello, lovely people.

So, back in July when I visited the doc, the last thing I expected was finding out I was pregnant with a third baby! (read more about that here) I feel like, the third time round, you’re hardly even aware that you’re pregnant, you’ve got other tiny humans to look after, they keep you busy and distracted. All in all, I’m super excited about being pregnant and welcoming another baby… am I prepared for the chaos? No… but I am excited! Even though it was a huge surprise and I didn’t expect it, babies are such a blessing and I’m grateful to God for blessing us with another little babe.

Although my belly popped out basically from the moment I got the news, I’ve had moments of forgetting that I am pregnant. Besides the constant need to pee, the other weird symptoms and cravings, this pregnancy has by far been the easiest.

Morning Sickness

With both girls I suffered quite badly with nausea, ALL. DAY. LONG. Thankfully with both too, by week 14 the sickness subsided, energy returned and things started looking up. This time round, I’ve hardly experienced any nausea, which is awesome. However, the tiredness and food aversions were still present after week 14. I couldn’t even look at pasta (I know right, who am I?!) or anything rich & creamy. I basically survived on bovril toast, bovril and butter on Marie biscuits (Don’t knock it ’til you try it) and anything bland. CARBS, basically were my saving grace. Thankfully though, any nausea I did experience was mild and came in waves.


Clearly this baby is a summer baby, because it loves anything cold – ice cream / cornflakes with cold milk / cold apple juice, fresh fruits and obviously sweets, which is consistent with my other 2 pregnancies, which makes me think it’s another girl. Although this time I have had more of a tendency towards fresh things too, like salads and pickles and lemon water. Loads of fruit, especially naartjies and pineapple. Potential health nut in the making? I have also really enjoyed toast… with bovril or liver spread, or syrup, or peanut butter & banana slices. Who knows!?

This baby has strange taste, but I’m ok with it.

Side Effects, Fitness & Health

Consistent with my other pregnancies I have experienced carpel tunnel syndrome, but I’ve never had it in the first trimester. It’s basically due to water retention, swelling around your nerves in your hands, causing numbness and pins and needles. It mostly happens at night, while I’m sleeping, but I have been unable to wear my rings since early on in this pregnancy. With Hannah and Eden it was mostly late second trimester and third trimester onwards.

I’m grateful that for the first few weeks of this pregnancy I actually lost weight… (Not that I was trying: living on carbs) but, I am grateful nonetheless, since I needed to lose weight to begin with. So far, I weigh the same as before I fell pregnant – I lost for the first bit and then I’ve gained 1kg or so, so I’m back at the starting weight. I’m hoping to keep my weight gain under 7kg’s, since I can’t afford to gain too much weight… Honestly though, I’m just focussing on having a healthy baby, fitting in a bit more exercise and trying to balance my eating a bit more. Pregnancy is time to blossom and not restrict yourself. (in my opinion)

Before I found out I was pregnant, I had been doing an 8 week fitness challenge with Rukru Fitness and I honestly just gave up in the beginning because I was flat-out exhausted. I honestly couldn’t keep my eyes open and working freelance jobs in the evenings was also adding to that. So I plan to start up again in the second trimester and just focus on keeping active, not doing anything over the top.

Things Hannah has said: (SO FUNNY)

I told her that the baby is in my tummy, so she asks me, “If I hold your hand, am I holding the baby’s hand”… She honestly thinks that the baby is like a Russian doll inside of me! haha

She asked the other night in the bath, “Mommy, if the baby kicks you will you have to go to the hospital and will you die?”… poor child.

She is also convinced that it is a boy and has said, “My baby brother” and when I ask her how she knows, she says, “I know everything, mommy.” Ok, then.


I have felt moments of anxiety and panic, in the moments when 2 kids is a lot to handle and I think “how will I cope with another one thrown into the mix”, but I’ve tried to shut out those feelings and just focus on the here and now. God got me through the experience with PND last year and am grateful for that. I hope I don’t experience that again and I know I will be more prepared for it, if it does pop up again. Mostly I am just holding on to the excitement of pregnancy, enjoying my 2 precious girls and trying to keep my head above water. haha!

The girls

Hannah is a lot more aware this time and she’s VERY excited to add another baby to her tribe. I swear she thinks she’s the ring leader… which suits her perfectly. She has such a gentle, caring, fun nature with Eden and it’s been so amazing seeing them grow together as besties. Eden obviously has NO CLUE what is cooking… but I’m just trying to soak up every moment with her. I had 3 years to enjoy Hannah on her own before Eden came along and this time, I only have 18 months with Edie before she’s no longer the baby, so every little development and milestone is so precious to me – seeing her blossom, is my favourite thing.

So far, it’s been pretty smooth sailing, which shocks me – I’m used to terrible nausea and extreme moodiness… (you’ll have to ask my husband about that) I’ll keep you all posted about the trimesters and details as they happen… Mostly I can’t wait to find out if it’s a boy or girl so that I can start planning nursery spaces, names, etc. It all becomes a bit more real then! Just a few more days…

Thanks for reading,

Love, Mix

P.S Since I typed this, we’ve obviously found out that the baby is a BOY! So exciting, that we get to experience and raise both girls and a boy. Also, apologies for the delay. This one has been a real work in progress!

Here is our pregnancy announcement that we posted to social media and sent out to family… it was so fun!

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