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This coming month my eldest daughter will be turning 4… how did that happen? Back when I was pregnant I had all these ideals about the perfect birth and how I would bring her into the world. However, my husband, being 6 foot 6 and from a lineage of giants humans, she was never going to be a petite babe. It’s now 4 years, 2 babies later and both born via c-section, and I’ve learnt a couple things which were invaluable especially the second time around.

  1. Prepare to have doctors and nurses expose you
    I don’t know why I didn’t click before my first C-section, but I was so shocked when in recovery, I was being exposed by a nurse who was just doing her job… poor woman! I honestly was not prepared for that
  2. Get up and walk
    I know they make you do this anyway, but seriously, getting up and walking is probably the most daunting, painful part of the post-op experience, but once you’re up – you’re up! Take it slow, don’t push yourself, but make sure to do some (SLOW) laps around the ward. SEE POINT BELOW!
  3. Bump postpartum support panties
    These things were the most incredible purchase! They have a high waisted section that has two adjustable velcro straps on the sides which cinch in your tummy and support your c-section incision. They offer much needed support and give you a lot more comfort when getting up and moving around. I honestly found I was in so much less pain when I was wearing them, I even bought two pairs and I wore them for the first couple months, since they also have a slimming effect – WIN! But, seriously – a great purchase! They can also be found at Dischem (that’s where I bought mine, or via Takealot – click on the image)
  4. Trapped Gas…
    With my second c-section, I suffered on the second day with trapped gas pains – it’s basically trapped air in the abdomen after being opened up in theatre… let’s just say, it’s excruciating. I was in tears, asking the nurses for anything they had to help. The matriarchs of the maternity ward told me to buy XXX mints from the gift shop and the pains would simply disappear… and to get up and walk the halls, the movement was supposed to help. After hours of pain and trying to walk in my post-op state, I eventually gave in, sent my husband to the gift shop and popped about 5 XXX mints and within 15 mints… PAIN… GONE! I can’t explain this strange wive’s tale, but it seriously worked. It was incredible!
    Image result for xxx mints
  5. Dad skin-to-skin
    This one is a big one. I don’t know how it works at other hospitals, but the one I was at, they let me hold the girls briefly, then had to whisk them away to the nursery to have all their tests done. With Eden’s birth, I even asked if I could keep her with me while in recovery, but they said no, since the theatre and recovery is so cold. Dave and I had discussed that if it wasn’t possible, he would do skin-to-skin with her until I came out. While I was in recovery, the nurses were literally calling for me, saying “this baby is trying to drink from her dad, hurry up!” The skin-to-skin contact worked amazingly, she literally latched on immediately, when we were reunited and her breastfeeding was incredible. I didn’t have that with Hannah and I can 100% say it was a success due to the skin-on-skin. Dave also felt really happy and included in that experience and I was so grateful to him for helping in that way.

These are just a few practical things that I found really helped. There are so many other tips out there, but these were the ones that I’ve tried and tested and I know that I would want to pass this information on to other potential C-section moms. Plus, being a South African mom, not many Pinterest posts are suitable for us… so…

Pass this info on and help a mama out.



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