My 30 by 30 bucket list


So one of the things that you may not know about me is that I am going to turn 30 in April next year. While I know 30 is just a number and really, when you’re approaching it, you feel like it’s the new 25. Seriously, though, it is! I have made a (not complete) list of 30 things that I would like to achieve/do before I turn 30.

I may even extend that to my 30th year and give myself some more time. I’ve got a year and a bit to go and I am so excited for the things that I will experience along the way. I like to keep things interesting and I think this will definitely push me (and Dave) to live a little more!

  1. Travel overseas
    So technically, I have done this one, but if I could do it all over again, I would love to! I am just not sure if it’s attainable now that we’ve got 2 kids! Back in 2016, Dave & I went to Bali and it was the most magical experience ever. I wanted to sell everything, go live on an island and run a B&B or something! (The pic above is from our trip)
  2. Make souffle
    This is something that I have always wanted to try. I haven’t even eaten souffle before, but they do it on Masterchef, so it must be difficult & delicious!
  3. Go camping with the girls
    I grew up going camping with my family and those are honestly some of the best memories. There’s nothing like roughing it and being in your fam’s company with NO distractions that is just so special. We actually have a tent and everything, but we’ve used in once in 8 years! Shame on us!
  4. Visit the Transkei
    Having grown up in the Eastern Cape, the TK holds a special place in my heart. Cows on the beaches, nothing but huts in the distance and no distractions again… Plus, the beaches are honestly just the best in the world! My husband is also big into fishing and diving… some fresh fish & crayfish doens’t hurt, either! We’re actually going in December, so this one I will definitely be able to tick off!
  5. Make a pottery object
    I have always wanted to whip up a pottery masterpiece. I have tried it… it’s flipping difficult, but SO much fun! I definitely want to give it another go and fire it up and be able to put a piece in my home that I know I created.
  6. Get a tattoo
    Husband’s not keen.
    Need to do some convincing.
    Not sure I’ll handle the pain.
    Keen, anyway.
    Will keep you posted.
  7. Get my nose pierced
    Another thing I’ve always wanted. This one I will get done as soon as I am done breastfeeding. Tattoos, piercings and anything like that is off-limits while breastfeeding, since you’re at risk for infection.
  8. Enter a race
    The only reason I want to run a race is to say that I can and have done it. I know I probably could do it… do I really want to pay money to run?!?! NO! (Reconsiders bucket list entirely…moves on)
  9. Buy a Wacom tablet
    As a designer, this little tool has always been on my wishlist. It’s one of those speciality items that you don’t really NEED, but it definitely can bring more fun & freedom into design. It basically allows you to draw and it appears digitally, on your computer… How cool?
  10. Get debt free
    This is something that I think is super important. It’s not like I have mounds of debt, but just a little bit, since the impact of maternity leave is still visible on my finances.
  11. Redecorate lounge
    I love to design rooms and mix things up – this one is dependent on point 10, above.
  12. Make my faith a priority.
    Connecting with God and being in a relationship with Him, is basically the only thing that keeps me sane and gives me hope in this world. Reading God’s word, connecting in prayer, these are things that I really want to prioritise over the coming year. Like all relationships, it takes time and effort!
  13. Collect plants
    I’m well on my way with this one. Two new plant babies were added to the family last month, so just gotta keep ’em coming! I’m going for an indoor jungle look. haha.
  14. Restart retirement fund
    There’s nothing like retirement talk to make you feel old! It’s so important to me though to make sure I plan ahead and make responsible decisions now that will impact my future – or I could just plan another Bali trip and hope for the best. haha, but seriously?!?!
  15. Music festival/ concert with hubby
    Heck yeah!
  16. Breast Reduction
    This has been on my bucket list since I was ±16 years old. I’ve had them since I was 10 and I’m done lugging these things around. DONE!
  17. Create a capsule closet
    Never been much of a fashionista. Is 29 too late to start caring…? Who knows.
  18. Lose weight & improve fitness
    This seems to always be on my list of things to do – this year I am seriously making an effort though. I’ve even started an insta handle dedicated to keep me accountable @fitmama_za
  19. Take more photos
    Nowadays, with my phone in my hand I am a lot less likely to whip out my canon for an everyday shot, but I definitely want to push myself to do it more.
  20. Learn to play an instrument
    Does the triangle count?
  21. Make more homemade pasta
    As per husband’s request. Who doesn’t love homemade, fresh pasta?!?
  22. Travel somewhere in Africa that I haven’t been to before
    I love to travel & experience new places and Africa is honestly so beautiful & so diverse, it’s the perfect country to explore.
  23. Get brows Microbladed
    See point 7. I have seriously light, thin eyebrows (thanks, 90’s) and I would love to not have to pencil them in everyday!
  24. Practice drawing & art more
    Definitely something I want to improve upon and get better at. It takes time though and with two kids, I find time is something I don’t have a lot of and most of my spare time I spend chilling, not really talking to anyone. haha!

That’s it so far… If you have any other suggestions, things I can add and should do before I hit the big 3-0, let me know!

I can’t wait to turn 30 – I know it sounds crazy, but there’s something freeing about reaching a new milestone and realising with age that you shouldn’t care too much what others think of you and growing to really love yourself and be kind to those around you.

Thanks for reading.

Love, Mix

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