How to be an adventurous mama


Before I was a mom, I was me. Just me. And me, being the adventurous, spontaneous person that I am… I used to love just doing things spur of the moment and going for random outings. While money may have restrained my adventurous dreaming nature at times, I have always tried to break free and live in the moment as much as possible.

Throw kids into the mix though, especially a baby and you’ve got yourself a downright party… (and by party I mean, night in, watching Netflix, in bed by 9, basically never leaving the house… EVER) jokes, that’s pretty dramatic, but you get the gist. Kids change your life. Naturally, you’re more tired and it’s a bit of a logistical nightmare getting out with kids.

I fully believe that’s important to show our kids the fun, adventurous side of life. I don’t want Hannah or Eden to grow up, see me working everyday of the week only to crash and be a hermit on the weekends. I don’t mean you have to uproot your kids for crazy adventures every day, but here are a few tips on how you can give your kids a fun glimpse into your adventurous side (it’s there, I promise)

1. Spontaneously take them for a date / treat

Kids love a good milkshake! While you might not be able to have an in-depth convo with your little one yet, it will mean so much to them that you took them out all by themselves to chat or draw, or just watch them play. Kids will get excited about pretty much anything, so there’s a plus!

2. Build a blanket fort

This one never ceases to amaze me… Sometimes our blankets forts are elaborate and involve rope and fairy lights and other times it’s sitting under our duvet in the mornings, but Hannah’s joy is the same. She squeals with excitement and her imagination begins to spark and it’s a beautiful thing to witness.

3. Take a drive to a pretty location, point out all the beautiful scenery

Getting out the house is also a huge factor. I find that kiddies get cabin fever so quickly. There are only so many activities that tired parents can present, on a weekend and what better opportunity that to get out and get the adults feeling refreshed and the little people tired out… it’s a win-win.

4. Let them be daring

I can’t help myself sometimes, but be a bit too cautious. In the process, I can bring fear into Hannah’s mind, where all that existed before was freedom and fun. It could be climbing onto the couch to jump off onto a stack of pillows. She could end up hurting herself, but I have to often just let her have fun and learn those limits on her own. It’s a hard one to grasp sometimes, for moms… but I believe that a controlled child will tend to be a fearful child. Little ones should run and jump and experience every aspect of adventuring!

5. Don’t hold back

I think as moms it’s so easy to not commit in the moment. I know I’ve done this – I’ve sat on the beach and read a book while Hannah splashed by herself. There’s nothing wrong with that! I have also sat and made mud men with her on the riverbed and the amount of joy that her little giggle brings me is priceless! Not only will your babies grow up having an adventurous spirit, but this will make your life so much more full and fun! I am speaking to myself here too, because I definitely could amp up the adventure in our household!

6. Adventure Time

Sometimes it is important to plan an adventure without the kids. They’ll see you heading off with their dad, or your friends and see you come back, happy and refreshed. They will grow up to appreciate that you existed before they did and respect that you need your own adventures once in a while.

7. Plan a trip

Who doesn’t get excited about a holiday?!?! Also, there’s nothing more amazing than being away from home, soaking up every moment of quality time with your besties, to make you feel like a real adventurer. Kids have a sense of fun and excitement about everything, but I especially love watching Hannah’s face as we board an airplane or climb in the car for a road trip.

Sometimes it may take some effort and motivation to make a plan and do something different, but it is totally worth it. Also, if you’re a creature of habit and end up stuck in a rut – make a plan, try something new and ENJOY!

Happy Adventuring!

Love Mix,

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