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In February 2015 we bought our home, which I like to refer to as the dollhouse. It’s got adorable little dormer windows upstairs that I immediately fell in love with and I knew it was perfect for us. We bought it for a really good price and our goal was to renovate the kitchen asap. It only took us 2 and a bit years, but eventually we got it done and I am so proud of the result. What a dream it is cooking in this kitchen, watching Hannah play and being involved when we have friends over for dinner. Open plan really is a game changer!

Here’s a look at the old kitchen: tiny, closed off and a very BAD layout.

These pics was taken when we’d started moving all our stuff out for the reno, so I snapped this mid-chaos!

Here are some photos that I took of the progress…

The renovation started in August 2017. I was approximately 38 weeks pregnant. Perfect timing, I know! Unfortunately it took a while to get the money from the bank, so the timing was kinda out of our hands, but it all worked out in the end! This is the makeshift kitchen / work area we had upstairs while our downstairs was being demolished! We also had our couch & TV in our room as a makeshift living room!

The following week, at 39 weeks little Eden Rose was born. Thankfully 3 nights in hospital meant that I could avoid the reno for a few days! I came home from hospital on Friday to a completely different house! Yes, they were finishing the painting downstairs, but by the following Tuesday it was all complete and ready for the kitchen cabinets to be installed. We had a 4 week wait until our cabinets arrived, so in the meantime, this is what we had to work with. Thankfully we had meals provided by our church, so we were sorted in that regard. With no kitchen sink, we had a bath and basin to work with for washing up etc.

4 weeks came and went – cabinets were installed, tiling was done, last plumbing and electrical bits and this is the final result!

I am so grateful to have this space to open up our home, literally! It has really changed how we use our home and how it feels. I am so grateful to be able to see Eden & Hannah play and to chat to Dave while we’re cooking and that ISLAND! It’s huge and perfect for cooking up a storm. We think it looks pretty good, too!

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